From August to late September 2022, a team formed by Sasha Digiulian, Matilda Söderlund and Brette Harrington projected one of the hardest, boldest big wall routes in the world.Located deep into the Picos de Europa, crossing the vertical limestone walls of Peña Santa de Castilla, Rayu 8c (600m) was opened by the legendary Pou brothers and Kiko Cerdá. Their repetition, the first of the route, became the hardest big wall ever climbed by an all female team, and an extreme accomplishement in itself, regardless of gender. The team necessary to succeed in such an ascent was extensive; Chris Alstrin was in charge of capturing the three athletes and their journey, Yosemite locals Ryan and Priscilla did all the rope fixing necessary to work the upper crux pitch (8c). A team of porters made sure all necessary gear reached the base camp. After weeks of effort and enduring storms, they reached the summit.

I was fortunate enough to spend a couple days at base camp with the team, invited by Matilda and William, dear friends from Stockholm.